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Convene Lifestyles is an exciting place filled with beautiful sights, outstanding entertainment, and delicious food. However, many tend to forget that the true heart and soul behind this fascinating region is its people. Our people embody personality and breathe life into every situation. Whether it is eating crawfish with family, running on the levee with friends, or dancing at festivals with complete strangers, the citizens of this great state know how to celebrate their community. This is the reason why the new publications of “Lifestyle Heath and Wealth” choose to empower, uplift, and celebrate you- the reader.

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Lifestyles Publication Moves from Print to Convene

In the latest episode of the Convene Connections Podcast, Nicole Justice and Matthew Currin discuss her publication’s arrival to Convene Communities. Before becoming what is now a multimedia platform, Lifestyles Health and Wealth was a print magazine publication that was created nearly two years ago in the great state of Louisiana.

Their vision is to help people, organizations and communities find their passion and purpose in life through sharing knowledge and experiences around all things Lifestyles, Health and Wealth. The publication is all about communal education, growth and finding purpose through exploring, what Nicole calls, the ‘Seven Pillars’: arts and entertainment, business, education, family, government and media. The God given vision for this platform came through prayer and time spent as a youth minister after Nicole took a step back from the Hospice space, where she worked prior to starting the Lifestyles Health and Wealth Magazine.

After publishing 8 successful issues and hosting 7 “new concept events”, the financial demands and the growing migration from print to digital media has driven Nicole to develop a new strategy where she’ll reconvene her publication on Convene Communities. Nicole and her Lifestyle’s partners will continue to share their vision through publishing articles and content, but they’ll also be launching an exciting new podcast: Podcasts for Purpose. With this new strategy in mind, Nicole envisions bringing people of all walks of life from across the country together, allowing them to share their experiences and wisdom with others, while also giving them the opportunity to monetize their content through the Convene platform.

She views Louisiana as just a starting point for her platform’s growth and hopes to bring Lifestyle’s to readers and listeners from all 50 states very quickly.

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